Colour and Colour Correction

Professional Colour and Colour Correction by Cutting Edge on Heatherhill

Colour can be tricky for anyone who isn't experienced with it. Lucky for you, our hairdressers know exactly how to handle any colour you throw at them. Our experience and qualifications means that you no longer need to stress about getting that perfect colour; we've got you covered! Whether it be platinum blondes, rich chocolates, deep reds, or even bright blue, the hair stylists at Cutting Edge on Heatherhill can confidently work their magic to give you the colour you want.

We offer a full range of colouring services so that we can meet your every hairdressing needs, close to home right here in Frankston:

  •     Semi Permanent and Permanent tints
  •     Bellayage
  •     Foils
  •     Tips
  •     Splices
  •     Slabbing

Not to mention we offer colour correction that will fix any colouring mistake you may have ended up with, either from inexperienced hairdressers or from home colouring.